Andrea Gibson

spoken word artist.

you keep worrying
your sadness
is taking up too much space.
i wish you’d let yourself
be the milky way.

say this is what the pain made of you:
god mason, heart heavier than all the bricks.
smasher of the stopwatch timing grief.
holy cliff, avalanche of feel it all.
angel of the get through.
angel of the get through.

every lover is a storm chaser.
every good heart has lost its roof.


Hey Everyone!!
I’m so excited to announce that Lauren Zuniga will be joining me on stage for several of my upcoming east coast performances! Yay!!!! Hope to see you there!!!

April 25, Washington, DC
April 26, Hamden, CT
April 28, Burlington, VT
April 29, Portland, ME

Checking In and Self-Care.

So many good discussions at SHWM! What do you all like to do for self-care?


Checking In and Self-Care.

Dear SHWM,

Hello! Thank you for being here today!

Source: We love Audre Lorde!

We love Audre Lorde!

We have been thinking of self-care and the multiple ways it can make our lives better. Whether things are great, awful, or fluctuating somewhere on that scale, self-care can help us feel more stable, present, and empowered in the moment. We look forward to more in-depth discussions about this with you in…

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a suitcase opens
more easily
than a heart
but love
is one thing
you can never
over pack

And …..more east coast dates!!

Jesse Thomas will be opening up the below dates! We can’t wait!! All the info here:

April 15 - Philadelphia, PA - Prince Music Theatre

April 25 - Washington, DC - The Hamilton

April 26 - Hamden, CT - The Space

April 28 - Burlington, VT - Higher Ground

April 29 - Portland, Maine - Port City Music Hall

Did you all hear?! SHWM is looking for interns!


Big News From The Stay Here with Me Team!


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for being here today! Get ready to see a lot of exclamation points as we try to adequately express our excitement – !

As Stay Here with Me is growing bigger and our community is booming, we have decided to expand our team!

We are excited to announce that:

1) Julia, SHWM’s fantastic former intern, is now an official part of the team working as our new Social Media…

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